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Calling the Right Danville Locksmith: Bicycle Locking

Summer, yes it’s time again to do some BBQ and other outdoor type activities.  Danville locksmith staff enjoy doing many outdoor activities including biking.  Danville locksmith has some timely advice for those wanting to enjoy some fresh air without the hassle of dealing with a stolen bike.

1 Plan 

Plan your bike trip ahead of the day you are going out.  Danville locksmith suggests that you have a route in mind and also that you know enough about where you are going to avoid getting lost.  Danville locksmith definitely thinks you should have one of the following if not all of these tools.  A cell phone with a fully charged battery and a spare, just in case.  Maps and a GPS especially if the trip you are planning is going to be a long one.  Danville locksmith thinks it’s always good to have a map with a compass because even though GPS technology is quite good it can and does fail.  Other things to consider doing are as follows.

  1. 1.       Danville locksmith suggests letting someone know where you are going and that you contact them when you leave arrive at the destination, leave again and arrive home.
  2. Danville locksmith also suggests that you do not deviate from the plan.  Never go into isolated areas unless you are with others and never bike alone at night.
  3. 3.       Per chance should you get lost Danville locksmith notes that it is always better to find a public place and ask for help rather than knocking on someones door.

#2 Securing your bike

A good idea from Danville locksmith is to keep your bike within view when you reach your destination. Danville locksmith also recommends that you find a good lock for the bike.  Danville locksmith advises that there is no such thing as the perfect lock for a bike, but we have some ideas on what works best.  Along with some other prevention ideas.

  1.  1.     Danville locksmith suggests having your bike engraved.  Local police can help with this.  Once the bike is engraved the data is entered into a system that allows for tracing should the bike be found after a theft.  You should also keep a copy of the invoice and Danville locksmith also suggests keeping a written copy of the serial number.
  2.  2.      Danville locksmith notes that there are a variety of lock types for bikes here are some of the common ones.


Danville Locksmith

Danville Locksmith

a.) D and U locks.  These locks look exactly like a letter D and U.  In fact they are one in the same. Danville locksmith does not suggest this type of lock unless you use it with another type of lock or in a way that closes the gap.  While resistant to cutting these locks are breakable via the use of a car jack or a simple pen.

b.) Danville locksmith thinks chain locks are good choices.  However Danville locksmith points out that the chains need to be tightly wrapped to make them less easy to cut and the best ones are those with a combination lock also known as a cable lock.  Padlocks do work, but they are also breakable via cutting or snapping.

c.) An O lock, which essentially renders a wheel unusable in conjunction with a cable or other locking device would work well.  Danville locksmith suggests using this lock type.  Use of an O lock almost invariably means the thief will have to carry the bike if they want to make a fast getaway.

Prevention is the key with respect to bikes.  The tips provided in this article are intended as a guide to ensuring that you ride safe and secure this summer.

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